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Build strong habits and healthy practice in your daily financial activity.


Work clean and lean with a unique access point to your in/out-bound invoices. Review, approve, reconciliate or plan payments.


Know and control your cashflow in a centralised view. Get insights on your expenses and be notified on time following your clients' behavior.


Anticipate and decide in a timely manner thanks to intelligent cash-flow projections. Get recommendations and strategies to optimize your cash.

Stop worrying. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Dashboard.

Access every single account straight from your pocket.

Thanks to Open Banking standards, we connect to world wide corporate banks, even with Swiss ones.

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Payments orchestration
Smart cash deposits management
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Review your bills in the blink of an eye.

From bill to payment, all your invoices routed and processed in one single place, leveraging computer vision technologies.

Paper and digital invoice processing
Effortless payment reconciliation
Pre-accounting support

Always know how much cash you will have on hand in the future.

Being the nexus of your financial flows, we generate thousands of data points. We help you to optimize your cash and improve your profit.

Realtime cashflow & projections
Fault detection
Smart cost optimisation
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